Here's how



Claim the number of bracelets you want at the reception - or even better, book your bracelets in advance and they are ready for you at Choose amounts to charge the bracelets with.


Use bracelets for paying, to open the road barrier and doors to the service centre, and to access the pool area.


Return bracelets at checkout to have your deposit back, along with any amount left on the bracelets.

Easy and convenient

The greatest advantage of the Apelviken payment system is that it’s so convenient. Not having to drag your wallet and credit cards to the beach. Not having to worry about leaving them unattended. To be able to go around in swimming shorts – with no pockets – all day, if you wish. Like a proper holiday.

Our bracelets can withstand both seawater and a dip in the pool. If the kids are a little bit older, try giving them a bracelet each, charged with some money for ice cream and sweets to last a couple of days, and let them “handle their own economy.”


In addition, the bracelet gives you access to the pool area; you will need to bring one bracelet per person to go there. Please ask for additional information at the reception.


If you are camping, use the bracelet to access our service centres. And to pay for and start the showers, washing machines and driers.


Remember to hold the bracelet against the reader for a second or so, until the green light comes on. Too quickly, and the reader won’t keep up with you


Check your bracelet balance in one of the readers available throughout Destination Apelviken.

Advance bookings

Feel free to book your bracelets in advance, to make your check-in even smoother.

A better workplace

The payment system at Destination Apelviken isn’t just a way to make things easier for our guests, but another step in our endeavour to minimise cash transactions. This ensures a safer work environment for our staff. Thank you for helping us!



Melodikryss och Frukost på Nisses

Varje lördag

Varje lördag träffas vi på Nisses Bodega och löser Melodikrysset tillsammans. Var på plats kl. 10

En riktig jul på Solviken
Jul på Solviken

19/11-13/12 2020

I höst är det premiär för ett redigt, rejält julkalas - vi kallar det En riktig jul på Solviken!

Mellandagsmys i Varberg

27-30 december

I mellandagarna har vi satt ihop ett paket för dig och den du tycker allra mest om. In och kolla!

Vår i Åkulla - hotellpaket
Vår i Åkulla

Mars - April

Upplev Åkulla när allt vaknar igen efter vintern. Myllrande, spirande och makalöst.

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