Tricks for those who yearn

Here is our collection of tricks helping you handle your longing. When the toes misses the sand between them, when the crab-fishing-finger twitches out of control or when you or someone else just want something else on mind for a while. If you want a live demonstration get over to our social media - we test the tricks thoroughly for guaranteed effect. Maybe you have your own smart wiles for keep the yearning at bay - please share them with hashtag #knepförlängtande and let us and others see them.

#1 Cheer someone up

When someone you know has a hard day longing for camping, cheer them up! Download our pdf for helping them or yourself.

cheerUp.pdf (22 mb)

#2 Home service centre  

We've put togheter a kit for getting the right service centre feeling at your own place. Download two pdf's, print em out and attach to bathroom mirror. Play Service centre sound below (very important) and you're almost here.

servicecentre_left.pdf (0.9 mb)

servicecentre_right.pdf (0.9 mb)

Service centre sound
00:00 / 01:39

#3 Getting breakfast

Selling more than 40.000 "Olympiafrallor" each season, some of You just got to miss these not being here. Felix know how to solve it.

olympiafralla.pdf (0,7 mb)


#4 Camp anywhere

Here is a simple trick for camping anywhere you like, that is with us at Apelviken. With a camera, printer, scissor, some tape and a "schysst" image there's no problem.

More tricks on it's way ...

46m² to yourself

Did you know that our hotel is open every day all year? Two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, your own terrace and free parking. Breakfast included!

Being yourself

Camping, for the most of us, is probably a chance to be who we really are. And how great isn't it then that we've almost 500 pitches for just that. 

Snug and cosy

Mmm nostalgia ... Our cottages are rooms to get togheter in. To care for each other. Who's bringing the Monopoly?