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Arrgh, as if all the creepiness during Autumn break and Halloweekend had enough of ghosts and eerieness. It's seem that spiders, fear and creepiness has spread al the way to the fortress.  There is no time to linger. Here we have to put us self together, bunk up with a lot of cosiness and bring the family close. Between 22th October and  23th November there is "Rys och Mys" in Varberg. The fortress is lightened up and  really brave ones book a Dark Tour - the latter in deed at your own risk!

Destination Apelviken are dressed in autumn, a walk along black water to Subbe lighthouse an evening in November is just as much X we can handle. But there is rumours about a peculiar unpleasantly plesant ghostbreakfast - if you dare ...


Book a generous hotel apartment. The kids get their own bedroom. Two floors, fully equipped kitchen - in all 46m². Free parkering just outside and a great ghost breakfast are included.

Frozen Leaves


There is probably no thing more cozy than getting out the camper for one more stay before the winter. Bring a lot of candles, an extra blanket to wrap around you and sit outside for a while in the evening before loafing down to Solviken.


Cabins. The way to get even closer. As snug as it gets. Bring a deck of card and a board game or two. Self catering if you prefer, with breakfast and bed linen if you choose to.

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432 53  VARBERG

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