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At Apelviken the summer has always been somewhat longer. It's true! When July has become August, When every 'must do" is back and you know that autumn is coming the strive to keep the summer just a little bit longer always appear. Do not despair. Just then - everything you want from summer is still there in Apelviken.

The bay is open throughout September!

As you know we never close, but this year we really extend the summer. And we do it together with our best friends in the bay! Everything is open at least all weekends throughout September.

Now we roll up our sleeves and will keep the pool as hot as possible in the autumn winds - aiming at 22-23° but with a bit of luck 25°! No outdoor seating will be put away just because the sun sets around nine. We won't close the bars just because the schools starts and shut down the Surf Centers  when the surfing peaks? Not a chance.



And it's not just the bars and the pool, the grocery store and the Surf centers that are open. Strandtåget, or the Beach Train as it would translate to, has been a tradition in Varberg since no one remembers. Nowadays in a more sustainable electric version.  

Strandtåget will run all september as well. Between  Apelviken and Societetsparken along the beautiful beach walk with a marvelous view over rocks, beaches and Kattegatt.

Above that, this september all rides are free, first come ... Thanks to Varbergs Sparbank.

Calm Sea

August and September is lazy days and pulse at the same time. It's the air, the summer city and all the stunning people who linger in the bay when many pack up and step back in to everyday again.

After a summer like this - a July that didn't deliver quite what we hoped for we really do need those days more than ever. When dark and chilly November rain Inte minst när mörkt, kallt novemberregn pour down we can use those days of memories and images - when we took the bike to Vikhyddan for the last swim of the year albeit it was a little to cold, and the overwhelming felling afterwards. And how we, even if we had to put a sweater on close to midnight, stayed at the beach into the night

Late summer in Apelviken is like finding a new song by your favorite artist, the last strawberrys of the season. When the sun sets behind Kattegatt it's magic. Johns place and Surf Saloon is open! Kusthotellet, Solviken, Nisses and Brittas Strandveranda as well. 

In many ways August and September is the best time of the year. Treat yourself with a longer summer, keep the feeling - in time November will come anyway.



As you probably figured out yourself by now Varberg is a lot about bath. It's like two sides of the same coin, like black currant jelly to the Sunday roast, like the end of a warranty and need for a reparation, like ... well, you got it. Not at least is this obvious in all 'dips" the citizens in Varberg continually and happily engage in. It's New years dip, Easter dip and Christmas dip. There is skinny dips in the middle of winter and not a few visists to all the cities different SPA. We, atDestination Apelviken have our own Midnight dip every Midsummer's Eve. 

You may think that would be dips enough, nope ... Apelviksdoppen is a part of "Sommaren är längre i Apelviken" starting this autumn. It's really stgraightforward; anyone are welcome to join, you bath in the sea (wet suit counts as cheating), if feat to, at least, shoulders are beneath the water you are given a lottery ticket and may win a gift card valid in any of the restaurants or Surf Centers that participate in the event. And there is an extra sweet prize to best svim outfit! 

Where? Stora Apelviken, somewhere midway - you'll see us

When? The 5th and 19th of  September, 3 PM

Registration? No need for that - the sea is huge!

46m² to yourself

Did you know that our hotel is open every day all year? Two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, your own terrace and free parking. Breakfast included!

Being yourself

Camping, for the most of us, is probably a chance to be who we really are. And how great isn't it then that we've almost 500 pitches for just that. 

Snug and cosy

Mmm nostalgia ... Our cottages are rooms to get togheter in. To care for each other. Who's bringing the Monopoly?

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