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Our large, well-assorted supermarket. Most people probably just call it “the shop” for short. Our “shop” has most anything you might need on your holiday; fruit and vegetables, meats, dairy products and barbecue essentials for camping and summer days. Soft drinks, crisps and sweets.

Our goal is to be your next-door supermarket. We aim to stock something for everyone. You shouldn’t have to go somewhere else in order to find vegetarian or vegan food, or non-lactose and gluten free options. We work continuously to improve our variety, and already stock a selection which we think might come as a surprise in a shop our size. 

Open April - September.


Baked fresh


The first ones to arrive, bright and early, are our bakers. So that you can have fresh-baked rolls for breakfast. We bake everything ourselves, and when we open, our bakery shelves are stocked with fresh rolls. From nine o’clock, we add Danish pastries and cinnamon buns for your fika.


The scent of freshly made cinnamon buns makes its way out of the shop and as far as the nearest camping pitches. Hard to resist! Throughout the day, we top up the shelves with freshly baked goods – and of course, there is newly made coffee for those who want to linger for a while, enjoy the horizon and take in the crowd on the promenade.

Open from April until September. Mostly from early in the morning to late at night. Current opening hours can be found here.


The Olympia roll is an absolute favourite among our guests. Last year, we sold about 40 000 of them. That’s almost twice as many as the runner-up.


Cappuccino, anyone?


-There has to be a place for a really proper coffé, Sandra said one day. We took her word for it and let her prise in a barista machine and sent the staff to coffée school. So you could get a darn good espresso to breakfast. Or a caffè latte just between the beach and dinner.

There is salads and sandwiches from Nisses, grilled panini for those craving something more filling and a thing or two for you having a sweet tooth.

Ice cream bar


The ice cream bar is one of our most popular spots on sunny summer days. Sixteen flavours with every topping imaginable? Soft serve? Of course! Settle down with a cup of coffee and a wafer full of delicious ice cream, while the kids pretend to be pirates aboard the Catrin. She’s anchored right outside, with the promenade and the horizon as a backdrop.


Camping gear


Of course, we stock a good selection of anything else you might need for a camping holiday; the tent pegs that you just can’t seem to find since last year’s packing up, spare lines, hooks, rubber straps and chemicals.

And some beach toys. Arm puffs for those who can’t quite manage on their own. Swimwear, sunglasses and sun lotion when the long days on the beach take their toll. And then some. If there’s anything you’re looking for but can’t find – please let us know.   

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