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  • When?
    There are two public Octoberfest's. Traditionally the two last saturdays of September. But this year they will happen on the 24th of September and 1st of October. It all take off at 7pm and last until midnight. ps. As a company or group you may also have an exclusive Octoberfest if you manage to get together around 150-200 joyful freunden
  • What's the price?
    An Octoberfest ticket includes entrance, bavarian buffet and a liter of beer. The price is SEK 695. Tickets are avaible in the Reception, here. Do consider our special deals with accomodation included - you'll find them here. Only entrance are a subject to availability for SEK 120.
  • Bavarian Buffet - What on earth is that?
    In our way, it's a large grill buffet inspired by Bavaria - as it should. You can eat as much as you lika of yummish german sausages, of course, chicken fillet and mini schnitzels. Saurkraut unt pork loin. Gulasch, salad, sauces ... and then we jumble together an apfelstrudel or something else to the coffée.
  • Is it really more fun with a bavarian hat?
    You bet!
  • We'll come by car, where do we put it?
    Drive towards Solviken. We have staff on location showing where to park the car.
  • Who will play?
    The Tyrol Orchestra will give you the most awesomeness alpish music at both occasions. And to wash the ears between we have a local cover band each evening!
  • Is there age restrictions?
    Yes there is. You must be 18 years old - but there is no upper limit.

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