Terms and conditions


Confirmation of your reservation

When receiving a confirmation/invoice, please ensure that all details stated are correct. As a guest, you are responsible for providing us with correct information.


If any details are incorrect, please contact Destination Apelviken immediately.

When is my reservation binding?

We are bound by the rental agreement – as are you – as soon as the reservation fee is paid, which must be done no later than 10 days after the reservation is made.


The payment consists of the reservation fee and the final payment. The reservation fee amounts to 10% of the accommodation price, including an optional cancellation insurance (or a minimum of 500 SEK out of the total accommodation price).


The reservation fee must be paid to Destination Apelviken no later than 10 days after your reservation is made.


Final payment must be made no later than 40 days before your arrival.


When making a reservation less than 40 days before arrival, the full amount must be paid immediately, unless other terms have been agreed upon with Destination Apelviken.


Should you wish to change your booking, there is an additional fee of 125 SEK.

Please use the enclosed forms for bank payments, and state the OCR number provided on your bill when making online payments.

Guests from Scandinavia and Europe are kindly asked to use the following IBAN- and BIC-codes.


Swift/BIC - Swedsess

Bank - Swedbank, SE10534 Stockholm, Sweden,

IBAN - SE08 8000 0008 3881 3601 3266

Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance can be added at a cost of 200 SEK. It is considered valid;

if you or a close relative has fallen seriously ill, and in case of death or major accidents


if a serious event should befall your home or family, such as could not be predicted at the time of reservation


if unemployment or new employment prevents you from taking advantage of your reservation

Cancellation insurance can be used to cancel bookings until the day of your arrival. If requested, your reason for cancellation must be verified by, for example, medical professionals, authorities or insurance companies, as applicable. These documents must be submitted to Destination Apelviken no later than 30 days after the cancellation date.


Further, your cancellation insurance may be invoked during an ongoing stay, entitling you to a refund of any remaining accommodation fees, corresponding to the number of days included in your reservation of which you have been unable to take advantage. If requested, your reason for cancellation must be verified in writing.

Cancellation using cancellation insurance

Cancellation can be made in writing or by speaking to us at Destination Apelviken. If you have requested cancellation insurance, Destination Apelviken will retain a cancellation fee of 300 SEK.


Your refund will be paid no later than 10 days after you have provided the documents to sustain your claim to the cancellation insurance. 

Cancellation without cancellation insurance

If you have no cancellation insurance, you will be charged the following cancellation fee


  • 40 days or more before arrival date: 10% of full price 

  • 39 - 8 days before arrival date: 25% of full price 

  • 7 - 2 days before arrival date: 75% of full price 

  • 1 - 0 days before arrival date: 100% of full price 

General terms for self-catering cottages and apartments


Beyond what is stated in your reservation, no additional overnight guests are allowed in the cottage or apartment.


​Apart from the maximum number of guests stated in the reservation, one additional child under one may stay overnight in your cottage or apartment. However, this must be noted in your reservation.


​We ask our guests to be careful when using our accommodation, and to adhere to the regulations that apply. Guests will be held accountable for any damages to rooms and fixtures.


​Unless otherwise stated in your confirmation or invoice, housekeeping, sheets, towels and cots are not included in the accommodation price. The cottage should be cleaned prior to your departure (unless you have paid for housekeeping). If the cottage is left untidy, you will be charged an additional housekeeping fee.


If you wish to bring any pets, this must be stated in your reservation, to ensure that your accommodation allows pets.

We cannot guarantee that our cottages/apartments are decontaminated for allergy sufferers.

General terms – hotel


Beyond what is stated in your reservation, no additional overnight guests are allowed in your room.


Apart from the maximum number of guests stated in the reservation, one additional child under one may stay overnight in your room. However, this must be noted in your reservation.

We ask our guests to be careful when using our accommodation, and to adhere to the regulations that apply. Guests will be held accountable for any damages to rooms and fixtures.

Breakfast, housekeeping, sheets, towels and optional cots are included in the accommodation price.

If you wish to bring any pets, this must be stated in your reservation, to ensure that your accommodation allows pets.


We cannot guarantee that our rooms are decontaminated for allergy sufferers.

General terms – camping


Your caravan or camper van should be reverse parked in order to ensure safety on the site. Accommodation units must be placed no less than 4 metres apart.


Your caravan or camper van must be placed far enough from the edge of your pitch to allow passage without crossing adjacent pitches.


Windbreaks must not be put up in any way that obstructs vehicle access to adjacent pitches. Max. height 1.30 m. If you have any questions, please contact our groundkeeper.


​In each pitch, one (1) accommodation unit is permitted. No extra tents, apart from attached canopies, are allowed.


​From June 15th to August 15th, no more than one vehicle/trailer – that is, one car+caravan or one camper van – may be placed in your pitch.


Any lpg and electrical equipment must be tested and approved according to regulations.


​The pitch is reserved for you and your family, and no other overnight guests are permitted apart from those stated in your reservation.


​You may not lend or let the accommodation unit to any third party.


​The pitch should be well maintained, and regulations must be observed.

A few simple rules

  • No driving through the area from 23:00 – 06:00.

  • Visitors’ vehicles must be parked in designated spaces outside the camping area.

  • Quiet time is from midnight.

  • No ball games are permitted in the camping area. There is plenty of room for this on the beach and in the football field.

  • Dogs must be kept on a leash and walked outside the area.

  • Skateboarding is prohibited inside the camping area.

  • Drains are for grey water only. Litter must be taken to our recycling stations. For environmental reasons, you must recycle all your litter. There are three recycling stations within the area.

  • Please do not play inside any of our service buildings, by the hydrants or at the recycling stations. There are so many other places better suited for play.


Policy of integrity


Your integrity is important to us, and we always wish to employ transparency in how we treat your personal data, in order for you to feel comfortable when leaving this information with us. This policy of integrity will detail our treatment of your personal data. Destination Apelviken AB may revise its policy of integrity. You will always find the latest version at apelviken.se/bokningsvillkor

Who is responsible for your personal data?

Destination Apelviken AB (org. nr 556246-2704) is responsible for the personal data treated within this policy.

Personal data which we collect from you

Destination Apelviken treats the personal data of its guests, such as name, personal identity number, address, email, phone number, customer ID and payment information, for the purpose of entering and completing booking agreements. 

Your personal data is used to, among other things, send booking confirmations, handle any administration regarding your booking, handle payments and manage any other issues regarding your booking and your stay with us. You are not obliged to submit any information to us, but if you do not, we are unable to enter into any such agreement with you.

How do we collect personal data?

A: Through our website/cookies

Destination Apelviken uses cookies in its digital services. You consent to the use of cookies by Destination Apelviken according to our cookie policy by continuing to use the website and by allowing cookies in your browser settings.

B: When you make reservations online, via email or phone

You may browse our website for information about rates and availability without submitting any personal information. If you visit our website and choose to book any of our services online, you will have to complete a customer profile. When creating a customer profile, you need to submit the personal data required to complete your booking. By confirming a booking through our website and agreeing to our booking terms, you consent to letting Destination Apelviken treat your personal data according to our integrity policy and current legislation. Personal data is also requested when you place bookings via email or phone, and a customer profile is then created. A confirmation of your booking will be sent to the email address you have provided.

Storing personal data

Personal data which we have saved in connection with the booking made for you as our guest will be saved for two years after the final day of your visit, and will then be deleted, provided all our transactions have been settled. We will retain your email address for purposes of direct marketing until you object to this or withdraw your consent. If you do, we will immediately delete your email address and send you no further marketing emails.

Your personal data may also be saved for the time period specified by applicable legislation, such as 7 years in order to meet requirements stated by the Swedish Bookkeeping Act. In other cases we will review our management of personal data on a regular basis, and delete your data if you have not been in contact with us after a certain, longer period of time.

Recipients of personal data

Destination Apelviken will not sell your personal data to any third party.

We will share your personal data with a number of personal data processors, which are companies that aid us with, among other things, administration, website issues and marketing. These processors manage the personal data on our behalf, and we have a number of personal data processor contracts in place in order to ensure that the treatment of your personal data is compliant with any applicable legislation.


Further, we may share your personal data with certain authorities, if such actions are required to comply with any legal obligations to which we are bound. In such instances, the authority is the party responsible for your personal data, and its management.

Your rights

If you wish to gain further insight into the management of your personal data, you have the right to request to see the information we have stored about you. If we receive such a request, we will issue a number of counterquestions in order to ensure that your data is not shared with the wrong person. You also have a right to request corrections of your personal data.

We will always delete your data to the extent required by applicable legislation, and we will of course do our best at all times to comply with your request for deletion. You also have the right to object to our management of your data (such as the treatment based on our legitimate interests) or request that the data you have submitted to us is transferred to another party who controls it (known as data portability).

Your personal data cannot be processed for direct marketing or profiling if you object to such processing. In addition, you have the right to withdraw at any time your previously given consent, e.g. the consent you give as an individual when you subscribe to our newsletter.

Complaints and supervisory authorities

If you feel that we have managed your personal data in an incorrect way, you have a right to submit a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority which acts as the supervisory authority for the management of personal data.

Contact us

If you have any further questions about how we manage your personal data, you are welcome to contact us by mail. Write to Destination Apelviken, Personuppgiftsansvarig, Sanatorievägen 4, 432 53 Varberg

Cookie Policy


The website of Destination Apelviken uses cookies according to the following. By enabling cookies in your browser, you consent to our use of cookies according to the following policy, including our management of your personal data (if applicable). Please refer to our integrity policy for further information about how and for what purposes Destination Apelviken treats your personal data, and your right to receive such personal data.

You may change your preferences at any time by altering the settings of your browser. If you disable cookies, this might affect your use of the Destination Apelviken website in a negative way.

Those visiting a website using cookies should be informed about …

  • the fact that the website uses cookies, what these cookies are used for, who uses the information and how to disable cookies.

Further, users must consent to the use of cookies, e.g. through the settings of their browser, while still being given the opportunity to refuse cookies.

What are 'cookies' and what are they used for?

Cookies are small files containing text, which are sent to and stored on your device (phone, computer or tablet) and which are very common around the internet. Some are necessary in order to allow you to take full advantage of the functionality of a website, while others are designed to improve your user experience and facilitate navigation throughout the website.


There are two types of cookies; permanent ones and temporary ones (a.k.a. session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored as files on your device for an extended period of time, in order to adapt the website according to your requests, choices and interests. They are used, for example, in functions that let you know what’s new since you last visited the website. When their due date is passed, these cookies are deleted upon your return to the website by which they were created. Session cookies are temporarily stored on your device when you visit a website, and are transferred between your device and the server during the time you visit the website. They are deleted when your browser is closed down. They are used, among other things, to keep track of your language preferences for the site.


A few examples of how Destination Apelviken uses cookies

  • on websites that sell services, such as ours, cookies are used to facilitate your booking and ordering process

  • to track our user data through statistics in order to improve the website and learn more about our various target groups. Several of the cookies we use for statistics are third party cookies.

  • to track language preferences, as well as previously visited pages. 

Different types of cookies

Cookies can be divided into a few different categories according to their function.

  • Essential: These cookies are essential in order for some functions to work at all. For example, this applies for logins to our online booking, and in connection with payments, in order to identify and verify the user. Rejecting these cookies will render you unable to use the functionality in question.

  • Presentation and function: These cookies facilitate your use of the website, and make it more personalized. They are used, for example, to adapt information and offers to what you have previously shown interest in. These cookies also gather information, for example about page popularity and usage patterns, which enables Destination Apelviken to improve the site, including related digital services. Rejecting these cookies will limit the functionality of the digital services of Destination Apelviken.

If you wish to reject cookies

Cookies are not used to harm or destroy your device, and most browsers automatically accept cookies. If you still wish to reject cookies, you can do so by changing the settings of your browser, and delete any cookies stored on your hard drive. You can also adjust your browser settings to make the browser alert you whenever it receives a cookie. This way, you have the opportunity to accept or reject the cookie. More information about this can be received from your browser provider. Additional information can also be found at youronlinechoices.eu

Some third party cookies are not controlled by Destination Apelviken. They can only be disabled through their respective webpages, according to the instructions provided there. If you reject cookies, digital services may not function as intended.

Why does Destination Apelviken use cookies?

By using cookies, the Destination Apelviken website will recognize your device when you return to us. In addition, cookies help Destination Apelviken to adapt its services to your needs, e.g. so you won’t have to select language. Destination Apelviken also uses cookies to evaluate browsing and user behavior on the website, in order to further develop our digital services. The purpose is to optimize the user experience, and to collect statistics. 

Allowing the use of cookies

You consent to the use of cookies at Destination Apelviken according to this cookie policy by continuing to use the website and by letting your browser settings allow cookies.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments about the cookie policy of Destination Apelviken, please contact us by mail.  

Destination Apelviken, Att: Personuppgiftsansvarig, Sanatorievägen 4, 432 53 Varberg.

Information about how Destination Apelviken handles personal data is specified in our current policy of integrity.

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