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All files available on this page may be used for marketing and journalistic purposes relating to

Destination Apelviken, the Solviken Restaurant, Nisse’s Bodega and their ventures, by press and media representatives, subcontractors and business partners.


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Destination Apelviken AB

Exactly how long people have been camping in the place where Destination Apelviken is located today, we cannot really say. Just like so many other recreational resorts, Apelviken was established gradually at some point in the early 20th century, and was consolidated by and by, from a spot for spontaneous outings, via camping ground and organised camping site to the current, modern facility, offering recreation, holidays and conferences. Get right over here for some more information about the history of Apelviken.


Today, Destination Apelviken AB runs four main business ventures under the shared name of Destination Apelviken; camping, hotel, restaurant and conference.


The owner is Nils Gordh together with his two children, Anna och Olle. Nils is hairman of the board and Anna is Operation manager. The company has thirtyfive full-time employees who work all year round, and boost their numbers with temporary staff during many months of the year. The “classic” holiday weeks provide work for a little over one hundred people at Destination Apelviken.


In 2022, the company had a turnover of 74 million SEK, and provided over 190.000 guest nights.


1977 Nils Gordh purchases the Apelviken grocery shop, and runs the local amusement arcade parallel to it.
1987 The Solviken restaurant is incorporated into the venture.
1997 The camping site is incorporated into the venture.
2000 Projecting to expand the camping, apartments/hotel and pool, and carry out a general makeover of the area.
2003 Launch of Destination Apelviken Conference.
2004 Pool, Bodega and the first 20 apartments finished.
2009 Sees the entire project plan of 2000 completed.
2016 Solviken is rebuilt from the ground up, and is now open all year round.

2019 A brand new minigolf course is added.

2022 Nils children, Olle and Anna become partners

2024 Destination Apelviken take over the operation of Apelvikstrand.


Nils Gordh is chair of Vännerna i Viken, a co-operation between the enterprises located in Apelviken. Anna is board member of Camping Västkust. Destination Apelviken is a proud sponsor of Varbergs HK, Warbergs IC , Varbergs BOIS BK and Åkulla Skidallians.

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