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Beer Brewers & Musicians

JUNE 28TH | 16-22

One might wonder... Midsummer is barely over before we, together with Olle on the other end of the bay, squeeze in a Beer Safari Wednesday! Unpretentious and spontaneous. Swing by on your way home from work or spend the entire evening among beer taps, musicians, locals, and the occasional surfer. No need to book. Can't be booked. Just come.

The beach train runs between the beer taps at Solviken, Nisses, and &Olles throughout the entire safari! And it doesn't cost a penny to ride along!

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Olle presents a range of different Belgian specialty beers, Bua Beach Brewery joins with delightful handmade beers from nearby, and Rocky Point Brewery from Åsa brings their immensely popular ÅPA along with the mega-surfy Sunset NEIPA... All of this is topped off with live music from the band that couldn't be any longer - on stage, Enoch Nittio. It will be the coolest Wednesday of the summer!

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On their part, Nisses goes all-in Irish. With a six-piece band on-site, Guinness and Guinness Blonde IPA on tap, and Sanna at the fryer with homemade fish & chips. Additionally, a special burger for the evening: potato bun, Guinness-braised onion, honey bacon, cheddar cheese, and a newly invented dressing.


Nya Carnegiebryggeriet takes over the taps at Solviken's outdoor bar; it will be Jack IPA, Keller bier, and Summer Session IPA. Additionally, we borrow four taps from Subbe Bryggeri and fill them with their delights - it's still unclear what it will be. Rockkompaniet performs, and the kitchen serves a classic - Swedish beef steak with onions and fried potatoes for 198 coins.

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August 31
Wine Festival

One day a year the whole bay get together for the most jovial Wine Festival. Come!

21 and 28 September

Spoil yourself with what probably is the best invention ever; breakfast and lunch in one. And give you time for a long morning walk along the sea before.

Quiz på Solviken
This fall
Quiz at Solviken

Classic pub quiz. It's where we sort out who's who when it comes to know important and not so important trivia. (Only in Swedish)

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