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Beer Brewers & Musicians

JUNE 28TH | 16-22

One might wonder... Midsummer is barely over before we, along with the other bars in the cove, squeeze in a Beer Safari Wednesday! Unpretentious and spontaneous. Drop by on your way home from work or spend the entire evening among beer taps, musicians, locals, and the occasional surfer. No need to book. Cannot be booked. Just come.

The Beach Train runs between the beer taps at Kärleksparken (yes, today the cove extends all the way there), &Olles, and everywhere in between throughout the safari! And it doesn't cost a thing to ride!

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Olle is exhibiting a range of special Belgian beers from Peter Kvarmont. Bua Beach Brewery is guesting with delightful handmade beers from next door, and Rocky Point Brewery from Åsa is bringing their immensely popular ÅPA and the mega-surfy Sunset NEIPA... all topped off with live music from Band of Buddies. It's going to be the coolest Wednesday of the summer!

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On their part, Nisses goes all-in Irish. With a six-piece band on-site, Guinness and Guinness Blonde IPA on tap, and Sanna at the fryer with homemade fish & chips. Additionally, a special burger for the evening: potato bun, Guinness-braised onion, honey bacon, cheddar cheese, and a newly invented dressing.

kusthotell_bg (3).jpg

Pine Ridge Brewery bringt eine Auswahl feiner Malze aus Falkenberg mit und richtet sich im Küstenhotel ein. Elusive Hearts, oder Bjarke, Elin und Emma, wie sie bekannt sind, bieten die äußerst exquisiten Töne.


Halmstad Brygghus and Nya Carnegiebryggeriet take over the taps in Solviken's brand new outdoor bar. Jonas, Anton, and 'Hebbe' aka Pojkbandet will perform.

beerSafari_brittas (2).jpg

Valens Custom is stopping by. It will be the premiere of Britta's brand new pilsner. Ocean Brewery will be there, and we'll announce who is playing any day very soon.

beerSafari_solviken (1).jpg

Stigbergets Brewery is leaving Majorna and Gothenburg for one evening, loading as many kegs as they can fit, and checking in at Monique. You're here too.


Torquedos really pull out all the stops. Put on good shoes - spontaneous dancing is the best kind. The taps are all Halland brews, with Subbe from next door and Akia from Kungsbacka soothing thirsty throats after the singalong has taken its toll on the vocal cords.


The pub that is sometimes open will be open during the Safari. They and Monique also have a band together, although they don't quite know which yet. But we know it's going to be awesome. Poppels will come all the way from Landvetter, and O/O is going double.

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