The text above translates to "A genuine Christmas at Solviken". And that really explains it all. This autumn we have a classic swedish Christmas smorgasbord premiere. Herring, sausages, meatballs and ham together with a new take or two. 'Vörtbröd' and Jansson's of course! We grill the Christmas spicy ribs above real coal. Snaps, Christmas ale and 'mumma' with that. André has promised to create some new christmasly drinks.

We sum it all up with sweets and adequate name the whole ”En riktig jul!”

Fredag - Sunday 19th November to 13th December

A sitting down Christmas smorgasbord

A year like this we bring all the goodness right to your table, and start with glogg and ginger bisquits. Naturally. Then four platters. Even if we can't do it the buffet way - like it usually is, and you have room for more, just ask for refill – do however save space for the desserts, they are worth it.


The 16th of November the Swedish Government issued new restrictions due to Covid -19. Unfortunately these make Thomas Piano bar impossible. We're, as you and not at least Thomas who has rehearsed Christmas carols for days, really sorry about that. We'll contact everyone who has booked - and do hope we've find a solution that will make it possible to enjoy all the delicious Christmas food after all.

2020-11-17 /Nils Gordh

Taste of Christmas


Glogg and ginger bisquits

First platter

three kinds of herring – prawns – 'gubbröra' – bleak roe – smoked salmon roll – cured salmon – 'skagenröra' on egg – Swedish cracker – aged cheese – cooked potato

Second platter

smoked roe deer – black smoked ham – breaded Christmas ham with mustard – creamyl iver pâté – duck liver terrine with a chutney mede of figs – smoked game sausage  – 'Onsalakorv' – plum grilled pork loin – beetroot salad – kale salad - a basket with 'vörtbröd'

Third platter

charcoal grilled ribs – meatballs – lamb sausage – two cuts of the day from our butcher – 'Jansson' – brussel sprouts– 'halländsk långkål'

Fourth platter

two kinds of cheese – ginger pickled pear – 'ris á la Malta' – passionfruit cheesecake on gingerbread –
chocolate truffle – 'gottepåse'



To squeeze the most out of "En riktig Jul på Solviken" the wise book one of our Christmas deals. Give the evening the time it rightfully require, take a late night walk along the beach and the black water and have the luxury of a proper breakfast the morning after. And why wouldn't you give yourself a Christmas gift - we think you're worth it!


Adult, SEK 625

Kids, 5-12 y.o. SEK 300

Kids, 0-4 y.o. SEK 0

Family Christmas on Sundays

Adult, SEK 425

Barn, 5-12 y.o. SEK 200

Barn, 0-4 y.o. SEK 0

At Family Christmas on Sundays all the lovely food is the same but there are no quiz or entertainment.

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