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Dark Clouds


Sum up twentytwentythree and celebrate the year to come with us at Solviken. A lovely New Years supper, mingle and fire works over a pitch black Kattegatt. Already at lunch those of you who want a relaxed start of the celebration meet up with locals at our bubble bar for a glas of champagne.


Ahh ... success three years in a row. Of course we do it again. Two hours outside mingle. Drop by and wish neighbours, good friends and frankly any one a really happy ending of 2023 with a glas of bubbles.


New Year’s Menu

Skagen shrimp salad, salmon, mustard-dill sauce, shrimp, aioli, butter, and bread

Grilled filet of beef, Iberico Pluma, Lamb sirloin, Pork tenderloin

Vanilla panna cotta with fresh berries


New Year’s Deal

When the apéritif is gulped down, we gather at the table for New Year's dinner. Two seatings, one at 7 PM and one at 8 PM. Satisfied and content, we then enjoy live music with Lady2Duo. At midnight, we raise our glasses to toast with champagne and watch the fireworks. Afterward, we continue dancing for a few more hours.


Gather your motorhome friends and celebrate New Year's together! Call your relatives from elsewhere and come together in Varberg! Or simply come as you are and make new friends here! We have put together several New Year's deals with festivities and accommodation.

There are New Year's deals for those with a motorhome or caravan and for those who prefer a hotel, for two or four people, with or without brunch the day before. Starting from SEK 1175 per person.

Fully booked
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