All Solviken pizzas

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All pizzas are baked with our own tomato sauce and Västerviks cheese, Mozzarella where it says so and vegan cheese for no. 42.

1. La Scala, 129.-

Ham, bacon and onion

2. Vesuvio, 109.-


3. Caruso, 119.-

Spicy peperoni

5. Napoli, 145.-

Kebab, lettuce, tomatoes

and kebab sauce

6. Kebabpizza, 139.-

Kebab, peperonico, onion

and kebab sauce

7. Solviken, 139.-

Kebab, bacon, onion

and kebab sauce

8. Margarita, 109.-

Mozzarella, basil and
olive oil

9. Pinocchio, 129.-

Ham and prawns

10. Capricciosa, 125.-

Ham and mushrooms

14. Quattro Stagioni, 135.-

Ham, mushrooms, prawns

and clams

15. Vege, 139.-

Mushrooms, onion, garlic,

tomatoes, sweet pepper

and artichoke

16. Hawaii, 125.-

Ham and pineapple

17. Husets Special, 139.-

Fillet of pork, onion and

bearnaise sauce

21. Apelviken, 135.-

Salami, ham and mushrooms

22. Palermo, 149.-

Mozzarella, cured ham,
sun dried tomatoes

and ruccola

23. Isabella, 149.-

Mozzarella, chicken filet, sun dried tomatoes and ruccola

25. Don Vito, 149.-

Mozzarella, prawns and crayfish tails

26. Quattro formaggio, 149.-

Mozzarella, peccorino truffles,
gorgonzola och ripe cheese

28. Subbe, 149.-

Mozzarella, peperoni, olives, sun dried tomtatoes ruccola and parmesan

29. Capra, 155.-

Mozzarella, chèvre, honey, figs and pistachios

30. Bo, 149.-

Mozzarella, ham, peperoni, pepper and chantarelle mushrooms

31. Pistachi, 155.-

Mozzarella, chèvre, pears, pistachios and honey

34. Marina, 155.-

Ham, caryfish tails, prawns and kebab sauce

36. Kabe, 155.-

Fillet of beef, fefferoni and pepper sauce

38. Black & White, 149.-

Fillet of beef, fillet of pork,

onion and kebab sauce

40. Gorgonzola, 149.-

Fillet of beef, gorgonzola and

41. Matti, 155.-

Mozzarella, fillet of beef, garlic, ruccola and parmesan

42. Vegan, 125.-

Vegan cheese, mushrooms, onion, garlic, tomatoes, pepper and artichoke

43. Jägarpizza, 165.-

Sliced reindeer meat, crème fraîche, riped horseradish,

chanterelles and lingonberries

45. Roberto, 155.-

Mozzarella, feta cheese, pesto and air-cured ham

#. Kids pizza, 95.-

Vesuvio, Kebab, Hawaii and Capricciosa. You can get all the others in kid size for 10.- less.


Fillet of beef, prawns 20.-

Fillet of pork, ham, kebab, gorgonzola, cheese 15.-

Mushrooms, pinapple, kebab sauce 10.-

Garlic, onion, pepper 0.-

All days are right days for pizza, but you may already have had one or two today, in that case take yourself a look att the à la carte-menu

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