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Even more camping


There are two kinds of seasonal pitches; full-season ones and a 30-day option. 

The number of seasonal pitches is limited and they are often in great demand. If you wish to get on the waiting list for a seasonal pitch, please start off by carefully reading the waiting list conditions below. These cover everything you need to know in order to get on the waiting list for a seasonal pitch. Prices vary depending on pitch size, and whether the pitch has a water and sewage connection or not.

Pricing examples 2024:

Full season:

Period: April 5th - August 25th
Pricing example: 80 m2 - 207 SEK/day (min. 142 days)
Extra space: 207 SEK/m2
Pitch sizes: 80 m2 – 184 m2
Available in streets: B, R, S and T
All pitches include water and sewage connection, 1200 SEK
Electricity: 2.95 SEK/kWh

30-day option:

Our 30-day option includes an offer of at minimum 30 days (of your choice) during either of the periods April 1st – June 30th, and/or August 11th – October 31st. Between 30/6 and 11/8 the pitch must be vacated; you cannot add any summer nights to your booking.

Pricing example: 100 m2 – 185 SEK/day, Midsummer weekend booked at standard rate.
Available in streets: L, M and N
Electricity: 2,95 SEK / kWh

Terms and conditions 


  • If you are interested in a full-season pitch at Destination Apelviken, please apply at any time by sending an email to

  • Your place on the waiting list will be determined by the date and time your email is received by Destination Apelviken. Email is the only way to apply for a place on the waiting list.

  • Your place on waiting list is registered when you receive a mail of confirmation from Destination Apelviken.

  • Details required in your application are

    First and last name
    Date of birth
    Mobile phone number
    Email address (if different from sender address used for application)

  • Destination Apelviken reserves the right to manage and distribute seasonal pitches according to customary evaluation, and should Destination Apelviken find an individual on the waiting list unsuited to receive the offer in question, said offer may be denied, regardless of place in linen.

  • Destination Apelviken reserves the right to deny placement on the waiting list to anyone who has previously neglected to follow the rules of conduct of Destination Apelviken, or if Destination Apelviken finds the individual otherwise unsuited to receive the offer.

  • Anyone offered a place on the waiting list must accept or decline offers regarding seasonal pitches within 48 hours of the time and date of the outgoing email of Destination Apelviken.

  • Any offers of seasonal pitches will be communicated via email or text message.

  • Destination Apelviken is not responsible for ensuring that emails and text messages reach the recipient. If you are on the waiting list, you are responsible for providing the correct details to Destination Apelviken, and to keep these details updated. In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure access to such working technical equipment as is needed to receive any messages about seasonal pitch offers.

  • If you are offered a seasonal pitch while on the waiting list, and you decline, or do not respond to Destination Apelviken within 48 hours, you will lose your place in line, and will be required to apply again, should you wish to do so. You will then be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

  • If you wish to accept an offer of a seasonal pitch, you can only do so by sending an email to In order to be valid, your reply must have reached Destination Apelviken within 48 hours of the date and time of the email issued by Destination Apelviken.

  • A lost position on the waiting list cannot be regained, for any reason.

  • Offers regarding seasonal pitches will be sent to one (1) email address and one (1) telephone number, one (1) time only. 

  • Places on the waiting list are connected to a single individual. They are not transferable.

  • A single individual may hold no more than one place on the waiting list at any one time.

  • Being on the waiting list is free of charge

  • If, when on the waiting list, you wish to know your place in line, you may retrieve this information by sending an email to using the same email address that has been registered for the waiting list. Information about your place in line will not be provided over the phone. Information about others on the waiting list is not provided.

  • Vacant seasonal pitches are first distributed among those who already hold a seasonal pitch, but wish to change their location. Such requests are handled via a separate waiting list. Requests to change your current location can be submitted only by those who already hold a seasonal pitch. Apply to

  • You are responsible for informing Destination Apelviken annually of your interest in remaining on the waiting list. Each year, on August 1st, Destination Apelviken will send one (1) email asking whether you would like to remain on the waiting list. In order to do so, you need to reply “yes” to this email no later than August 31st of the same year.

  • When emailing your details to us, and when replying to emails concerning your retained place on the waiting list, you agree to let us store your details for one year. We will never disclose your details to any third party, nor use them for any other purposes than those described in the above terms and conditions. Should you receive a seasonal pitch, reject an offer or request to be removed from the waiting list, all your personal details will be deleted from our records.

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