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Almost like cheating. Adventsmaker translates to something like flavours in Advent. And that's what it is. For coming in mood. For the cosiness. Together with fantastic collegues we've wrapped up the best of Christmas gifts! And we let you open it tre weeks before Christmas; a walk over Hästhagabergen, along Strandpromenaden and with five stops for tastings by some of the best of Varbergs chefs.

Adventsmaker is the most charming taste & walk of December. Gather the finest of friends and family and book right away. Early birds got the ginger breads - and they are limited.

This is

Start Apelviken

5 stops

4,5 km


2nd December 11-17

SEK 450

Max 150 participants


1. Solviken

We start at Restaurang Solviken. No further presentation necessary. Here we get a classic; wort bread with traditional Christmas ham, with apple and mustard. 


2. Hotel Havanna

A cuban hotel right in the middle of Varberg? Yep! Friendly, welcoming and warmly. Havanna will serve a rich Jerusalem artichoke soup with freshly baked bread. 


3. Bakelsar

During the summer You'll find Bakelsar's  café at Träslövs Trädgård. For Adventsmaker she'll move her small foodtruck to Strandpromeanden and let you taste her pralines and something warm to drink. 

kusthotell (1).jpg

4. Varbergs Kusthotell

Classic. As much Varberg as the fortress and swimming in the sea. Kusthotellet will serve a Kale pie with a Christmassy salad. 


5. Nisses Bodega

As every palate excursion should end with some really good dessert  Nisses Bodega will round up the walk with some desserts with flavours of Christmas and glogg.


Secure your spot right here. Them, at the 2nd of December

bring your first-rate walking mood to Restaurant Solviken on time. And then, with your ticket in hand, spend the walk and the afternoon in the tempo you like. On your own, with good old friends and maybe some you'll meet on the way.

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