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Restaurant Solviken

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À la carte 

The kitchen


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Restaurant Solviken


Right on the beach, with the most captivating view of the Kattegat and the crowd in the bay. At Solviken, camping guests mingle with locals, flaneurs along the promenade, and cyclists coming in from Läjet. The summer is filled with good food, scents from the grill, quizzes and troubadours. Autumn nights with warmth and joviality, and a black water surface, stretching wide outside.

Like abroad, but at home. For the grand party, and for those who are just happening by. If you’re bringing a whole bunch of good friends, or if you’re meeting them here.

À la Carte


Apart from pizza, Solviken offers a diverse menu, including but not limited to a red tongue fillet stuffed with salmon, vegetarian dishes and a couple of proper steaks, not least the schnitzel – world famous in all of Varberg

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Pizza – the subject of endless debate! Neapolitans, for example, claim that real pizza can be had in Naples only, and that there are just two varieties; the Margherita and the Marinara. To that, we can only say: Ha! Obviously they’ve never tried a kebab pizza with Béarnaise sauce. Others argue over bananas, meaning that they should be banned from anything that isn’t a dessert. We would like to state that the best pizza is the one you like. End of story.

Stone baked, the Solviken pizzas taste of smoke and fire. That, along with fair ingredients and a great deal of care – that’s how we make our pizzas.

Sprucken betong Wall

2 for 1


It's just as good as it sounds. Every Monday to Thursday from January 15th to March 21st, we offer the cheapest main course for free when dining with two or more. If there are four of you, we deduct the cost of the two cheapest dishes from the bill. The only condition is that you dine in. Absolutely fantastic, if you ask us. There's really no reason not to visit us at least two to three times a week.

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16TH MARCH 2024, FROM 15

One might wonder why we've never paid attention to the Irish big day before. It's almost a bit embarrassing. But we're making up for it now. Big time! On the sixteenth of March, everything turns green. We start in the afternoon with a quiz; in the evening, Double Namers will play traditional Irish music, and we'll supplement the menu with some dishes to honor the Irish cuisine.

Come with a cheerful mood. Humming The Wild Rover and Dirty Old Town since the morning and dancing Ceili until the wee hours.

Brought the whole bunch?


Weddings, corporate events, birthdays. Or simply because no one can resist a party. All year round, we invite groups large and small. Seated together, up to a hundred. Or book the whole place! There’s room for as many as two hundred seated guests. A fun theme? Music and dancing? Activities before dinner? No problem! Speak to Nebbe.


A tradition


At some point in the 1930s, shopkeeper Sofia Bengtsson opened Solviken. A beach café offering food and drinks to summer guests.

By then, the beach and camping life had already been established at Apelviken for over twenty years. The industrial workers of the city longed for nature. The train made it possible. They brought tents, built spartan sheds, and started staying over. Sofia and many others realised people needed something to eat and drink, so a number of plain, not always licensed establishments appeared in the bay.

Several of these pictures are old postcards. It’s fascinating to read how people were drawn here by exactly the same things that bring us to Apelviken today; the sea, the freedom, the joy and a life that’s just a little bit easier. Would you like a pint with that?

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