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Fried Scallop, 99.-

Mango, chives and green onions, chilli, soy and sesame emulsion
and fresh coriander


Toast Skagen, 175.-

Hand-peeled shrimps and lemon pearls on toast.


Beetroottartar, 99.

Beetroot, aged cheesecream, roasted pine walnuts, caper, cress, green onions and fresh horseradish

Garlic bread, 65.-

Served with smoked mayonnaise.


Herb baked cod loin, 325.-

Sandefjord sauce with trout roe, boiled potato balls, sugar peas,
red onion, chive sticks and fresh riped horseradish.

Elk meatballs, 295.-

Of course, meat from the Swedish forest, raw-stirred lingonberries,
gherkins, mashed potatoes, cream sauce


Grilled fillet of pork, 315.-

Served with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onion and feta cheese.
Sauce Bearnaise and potatoes of Your choice.

Schnitzel a la Solviken

130 g 249.- 260g 319.-

Breaded pork striploin. Served with green peas, caper, lemon, parsley butter and potatoes of your choice.

Grilled beef fillet, 395.-

Owenbaked tomatoes, padrones, truffle chips, red wine sauce and Your choice of potatotes

Cannelloni, 229.-

Filled with spinach and ricotta, oven-dried tomatoes,

roasted pine nuts, freshly grated parmesan and portabellope pesto

Choose french fries, fried potatoes or potato gratin on dishes with "your choice of potatoes".


Meatballs, 119.-

With potatoes, sauce and lingonberry.

Fish n' Chips, 139.-

Deep fried fish fillet, frites and garlic crème.

Dessert, 59.-

Three scopes of vanilla ice cream. Served with chocolate and bisquit.


Doughnut, 115.-

With caramel sauce, salty licorice, fresh berries and vanillla icecream

Crème brûlée, 125.-

Chocolate fondant, old fashioned vanilla ice cream, warm gooseberries and
roasted hazelnuts

Eaton mess our way, 115.-

Meringue, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, berries of the season and chocolate sauce.

Chocolate truffles, 35.- per pieceer p

From Suseå chocolate factory i Falkenberg; Choose from dark chocolate and sea salt, light chocolate, sea salt and sesame seeds or light chocolate and Baileys.

Take Away
10% OFF

If you order takeaway online, you will receive a 10% discount. The link will take you to Solviken's webshop.

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