Toast Skagen, 145SEK

Served with handpeels prawns and toast.

Cheese & Charcuterie, 189SEK

Cured ham and loin, Iberico chorizo, Vesterhavsost, Brilliant Savarin, olives, cornichons and marmelade. 

Garlic bread, 49SEK

Served with aioli.

Gratinated lobster, 149SEK

Gratinated Norway Lobster served with bread and garlic.

Bruschetta, 95SEK

Grilled Levain, fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, roasted pine nuts (vegan).


Fish and shellfish soup, 265SEK

Fish, hand peeled prawns, clams and lots of love.

Baked back of cod, 265SEK

Roasted cauliflower, spinach, beetroot, Sandefjordsauce and handpeeled prawns.

Moules Frites, 235SEK

Clams cooked in white wine, served with french fries and aioli.

Grilled fillet of pork

150g 249SEK, 300g 299SEK

With fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onion and feta. Choose potatoes. Served with the bearnaisesauce of the house. 

Pinkroasted sirloin of lamb, 329SEK

Blackened onion, fresh green beans, mushrooms with a hint of garlic and rosemary. Red wine sauce with kalamata olives. Choose potatoes.

Salad Nicoise

Tuna/Prawns, 199SEK

Halloumi, 169SEK

Grilled tuna (medium rare), crispy salad, egg, fresh beans, tomatoes, onion, carrot, olives and capers. Replace tuna with prawns or halloumi.

Schnitzel by Solviken

l, 110g 215SEK, xl, 220g 269SEK,

xxl, 330g 315SEK

Made by sirloin of pork. Served with green peas, capers, lemon, parsley butter. Choose potatoes.

Grilled fillet of beef

110g 249SEK, 220g 345SEK

Served with baked tomatoes, padrón peppers with fresh parmesan cheese, truffle crisps and red wine sauce.

Solviken burger

200g 199SEK, 400g 265SEK

100% beef, pickled silverskin onion, roasted onion, smokey cream, Gruyère cheese and crispy salad. Served with french fries and truffle dip.

Gratinated Cannelloni, 169SEK

Filled with spinach and ricotta cheese. With baked tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, fresh grated Grana Padano and pesto. 


Meatballs, 79SEK

Served with cooked potatoes, sauce and lingonberry jam.

Pork noisette, 97SEK

Thin slices of pork loin. Served with french fries and parsley butter.

Fish n' Chips, 95SEK

Deep fried fillet of fish. Served with french fries and garlic cream.

Kid's dessert, 59SEK

Three scoops of vanilla ice cream. Served with choclate topping and bisquit.


Hot chocolate cake, 125SEK

Served with vanilla ice cream, lemon curd, and roasted hazelnuts

Crème brûlée, 115SEK

Lime sugered fresh strawberrys, mango, passion fruit sorbet and cookie crumbles.

Ice cream and sorbet, 75SEK

Meringue by Solviken, 95SEK

Meringue, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, berries of the season and chocolate sauce.


White chocolate pannacotta, 105SEK

With fresh berries, rasberry sauce and chocolate and nut cream in a shortcrust pastry tartlet.

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