Just now we have 30% discount on all take-away. We can bring the food right to your car. We've three parking spots right outside of the restaurant. Pay with card or swish 123 040 56 62

Some dishes are better suited for take-away, thotse are marked with *


Luxury Toast Skagen, 145SEK

Hand peeled shrimps served on toast

Garlic bread, 49SEK

With truffle aioli.

Nils "Bookmaker", 145SEK

Fillet of beef. With white sourdough bread, grated horseradish and mustardcream seasoned with curry and pickles.

Langoustinesoupe with a sent of cognac, 135SEK

Served with langoustine, from Läjet, and Västerbotten cheese.


Creamy fish and seafood soup, 245SEK

Two kinds of fish, handpeeled shrimps, clams, root, fennel and roasted croutons.

Fillet of deer, 329SEK

Served with butter fried chantarelles, savoy cabbage, artichoke and your choice of potatoes.

Grilled fillet of beef
110g 239SEK 220g 329SEK

Ragout of smoked side pork and pumpkin, served with sauce of murels and your choice of potatoes.

Fillet of pork*

150g 239SEK 300g 289SEK

Served with a fresh mixed salad, our delicious Bearnaise sauce and your choice of potatoes.

Schnitzel a la Solviken*

l, 110 g 208SEK xl 220g 258SEK

xxl 330 g 298SEK

From pork sirloin, served with green peas, capers, lemon, parsley butter and your choice of potatoes.

Solviken burger*

200g 199SEK 400g 259SEK

100% beef. Served with truffle mayonnaise, ripe cheese, pickled oinions, roasted oinions, pickles and french fries.

Baked Cannelloni*, 159SEK

Filled with spinach and ricotta. Oven-dried tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, fresh grated Grana Padano and pesto.


Meatballs*, 78SEK

A real kid´s favourite! Classic, the way we like it, with boiled potatoes, lingonberries and sauce made with cream.

Porknoisette*, 95SEK

Dainty slices of pork sirloin served with french fries and parsley butter.

Fish n' Chips*, 95SEK

Deep fried fish fillet, french fries and garlic crème.

Dessert, 59SEK

Three scoops of smooth vanilla icecream and chocolate topping.


Classic Solviken Meringue, 89SEK

Meringue, ice cream, whipped cream, berries of the season and chocolate topping.

Crème brûlée, 109SEK

Warm chocolate pastry, 119SEK

With roasted pistachio nuts and our delicious vanilla ice cream.

Solviken magic chococlate egg, 139SEK

Served with raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries and cookie crumbs.

Chocolate egg filled with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Served with hot white chocolate.

Ice cream and sorbets of the house, 75SEK

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