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18th MAY 2024 - FULLY BOOKED

The coziest, most flavorful spring bicycle trip - Cykelsmaker Varberg! Gather the happiest of friends, cycling enthusiasts, and the curious, and book a bicycle trip when the hawthorn blooms!

Cykelsmaker is a fantastic bicycle tour along the coast of Halland with taste samples along the way. Bring good friends. Discover local, small-scale gems.

This is
Cykelsmaker Varberg

Start Apelviken

5 stops

31 km


18 May 10-18

SEK 595

Max 170 participants

bakelsar_cykelsmaker_vbg (1).jpg

1. Bakelsar

A new oasis along the way this year! Enveloped by Träslöv's Garden. Cozy. Personal. Small-scale dessert craftsmanship in a unique environment. Here, we are offered handmade pralines and coffee or tea from Slöinge coffee roastery.


2. Spiseriet

Spiseriet is both a dream, reality, and everyday life; a Nordic kitchen, small-scale, organic, and sustainable. Here we are served smoked chili with yogurt from Wapnö and sourdough bread from Sikta stone oven bakery next door.


3. Rit & Målerigården

In a genuine courtyard-surrounded Halland farm, the illustrator and designer Lena Petersson has her studio, café, and shop. Here, we indulge in waffle hearts with various toppings; a 'savory heart' with salmon roe and crème fraîche, and two sweet waffle hearts.


4. Joels Brygga

Magical location on the dock in Läjet's harbor - literally. Joel's Dock offers homemade sandwiches with chicken salad, celeriac, and apple. The chicken comes from Ekbacken's poultry in Valinge.


5. Solviken

The taste journey concludes with 'After Bike' at Solviken. Here, we deservedly round off with a Gin and Tonic on Solviken's own gin, Gordh's, developed together with Skrea Backe distillery. If you prefer something less strong, we can arrange that.

You bring your own bike, or rent one from us. You purchase your ticket below, and show up at Restaurang Solviken ten minutes before your designated time. 34 people will be starting their journey every half hour. When you've got your tasting-ticket you are free to take off. On your own, together with thoose other you meet on the way.

Rent a bike

You can rent a bike from us. We've both electric ones that make the trip smooth as tailwind and traditional ones driven by good old leg effort. They come in limited numbers. Send us a mail if you need a bike for Cykelsmaker. 



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