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All of our guests are important. Of course they are - how could it be otherwise? But the children are the most important - and actually, others can think what they want about that. That's just the way it is.

From the little ones' paddling pool and bouncy castles, to the never-ending creativity and curiosity of the crafting age, and on to the school age where friends, adventure and games are more important. Activities for the whole family and some where parents do other things. Our activity leaders meet them all and ensure that summer and holiday days are completely on the children's terms. Here is a selection of what's happening, but don't be surprised if we suddenly come up with something completely new - because who doesn't like a surprise every now and then?

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Is there a better combo than pool and party? Of course not! Pool party, every Thursday and Sunday, all summer. For you up to thirteen years old. Adults do  stay, quite jealous you know, at the pool deck.

Yes! A brand new activity for those who love cool moves and music, and are full of energy already at breakfast. Bring a buddy, or meet them here. Tuesdays and Saturdays, for everyone up to ten years old.

What goes on in Crabfishing bay is for you to find out, haha. We’ll give you a couple of hints, though – it’s something you just have to do during the West Coast summer, and they really like mussels. Huh…what could it be?

Grab the easel. We're opening a Painting Studio for the whole family! We know for sure that the next Picasso or Da Vinci is among you. If you don't want to take your painting home, we'll auction it off and donate the proceeds to charity!


Do you love being on stage? To show off! During our most popular activity, all our little stars have a chance to appear on stage themselves, perhaps along with a friend, to entertain the others. Sing, mime, dance or do something completely different.

Here the whole family is needed! Every Monday; a really tricky competition in three different disciplines. Here you need to be both clever, accurate, and agile. And it's no disadvantage to bring a little luck too.

Help the pirates find their gold! They have just come ashore and are more than a little bit daft. But beware, or you might be fooled! Thrice a week; every Monday, Wednesday and  Saturday, there’s a treasure hunt!

Ahh. A classic competition in sandcastle construction for the whole family. It can't get any better! It's not so important who builds the biggest - here, creativity, imagination, and peculiarities are saluted.

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Together with Tipzy, we have our own digital quiz walk. New questions, new challenges every week. Get the app, challenge grandpa, search for the questions around the area, and show what you're made of. Good luck!

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Week 40

Norwegian autumn break in  Apelviken? You bet. Already at the beginning of October a lot of norweigan kids check out for a week of recovery.

Frukost på Nisses. Breakfast at Nisses
Every day. Every.

Add som luxury to your camping weekend. Spoil yourself with a proper breakfast at Nisse's Bodega.Open every day all year. 

Business & Groups
Staying long?

With us, you can stay a lot, occasionally, many at once or all by yourselves. Deals on everything; from camping to ampartments.

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