Of course, all our guests are important. How could it be otherwise? But the kids are the most important guests of all – whatever the others may think. So there. This year however, the world is somewhat up-side-down. We adapt to new regulations concerning social distancing and change our activities somewhat ad-hoc. Until further notice you better check out our calender with latest updates. Below is a selection of what’s going on when everything is as usual, but this year - who can tell? Don't be suprised if things change and we throw in a surprise or two. Our activity leaders will meet everyone, and make sure that the summer and holidays are entirely on the children’s own terms.

Is there a better combo than pool and party? Of course not! Pool parties, twice a week, all summer. Wednesdays and Fridays. Between 7pm and 8pm if you are under 13, and between 8pm and 9pm if you’ve turned 13 but not 18.

Do you love being on stage? To show off! During our most popular activity, all our little stars have a chance to appear on stage themselves, perhaps along with a friend, to entertain the others. Sing, mime, dance or do something completely different.

Put on your dancing shoes, put some grease in your hair and bring your raddest moves. A couple of hours of mini disco until late at night is always right. Of course it’s ok to just swing by to listen to some music and hang out with your friends!

Help the pirates find their gold! They have just come ashore and are more than a little bit daft. But beware, or you might be fooled! Every Thursday, there’s a treasure hunt!

Activity centre


On top of everything else, we bring in bouncing castles several times a week, and we run a floorball school as well as other sports activities! And then there’s our activity centre where we hang out and get friends. We paint, play and just chill. And should you feel even the least holiday tediousness, wich we doubt, talk with us and we solve it! Promise!

Almost all of the activities are free, and included in the price for our overnight guests!


On a real adventure, you never really know what happens next. What might be beyond the next hill. And that’s the point of an adventure – the unpredictable, the unknown. The Kids’ Club goes on an adventure every Tuesday! 

Over 13, but under 18? On three nights of every week during the summer, we get together and come up with things that are totally off-limits for parents – such as movie nights, BBQ and Crazy Mondays!