Events in Varberg

If you still feel that all that’s going on at ours isn’t quite enough, all the events of Varberg are right nearby. Take a look at the event calendar of Visit Varberg, and check out the music of the summer in Societetsparken and at Maja’s. What’s on at the theatre, and when is the mackerel festival at Bua?

A day in Halland

Spend an additional day or two in Halland? Great! There's a lot to discover, taste and experience. Get ideas based on your preferences at

3rd December

Tjooho. An all new concoction this fall. Adventsmaker is the most charmful taste walk of december.

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28 Oct - 6 Nov
Fall break

The autumn holidays offer loads of cosy comforts and community – and a few creepy things, too! Only for thoose who dare ...

In Advent

It will be a real Christmas at Solviken even this year! As it ought. As it should. The flavours, the tradition and the music.