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The world is full of flavours. Nuances. Tones. Occasionally just a hint. Sometimes a real knockout. There are those who commit all there time to flavours. It might be wine, chocolate, beer or something complete else. A few times a year we breing them here; the devotees, the nerds if you like. Those who always chase new tasting experiences.

Come, join, learn and  discover. This is our tastings this spring.

(Please notice that all tastings are in swedish if nothing else is mentioned below)



MARCH 2nd 2023, 15.00

Did you know that one of Swedens leading connoisseur of rum, probably the best there is, lives in the same bay as us? It would be nothing less but stupid not to invite him and offer you a unique tasting of rum. It'll be a cheerful, casual evening around rum; and an excursion in taste, history and geography. We taste 4 different rum, 2cl of each. Per pick them and keep them secret until the tasting.

This time, one can book just the tasting if desired, but the wise ones typically book a package for 2 persons for 2 nights and get a good discount on the event! If one wants to eat something after the tasting, they can reserve a table at Solviken.

No more than 20 person.

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MAY 4 2024 15.00

Four friends in a Halland hill just a few miles from us decide one day to open a distillery. A few years later, they produce world-class gin. In the spring, they come to us and hold a tasting. Incredibly awesome! On May 4th, they'll be at Solviken!

You can advantageously, meaning a great discount, book an accommodation package with a tasting and accommodation for two people. Do it :)


Max 20 people

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46m² to yourself

Did you know that our hotel is open every day all year? Two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, your own terrace and free parking. Breakfast included!

Wood Transparent
Just beeing you

Camping, for the most of us, is probably a chance to be who we really are. And how great isn't it then that we've almost 500 pitches for just that. 

Snug and cosy

Mmm nostalgia ... Our cottages are rooms to get togheter in. To care for each other. Who's bringing the Monopoly?

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