When you are staying with us, you will be right next to a kilometre of sandy beach, with a large pool in the “garden”, and at perfect walking distance from central Varberg. More activities than you will be able to fit in, a well-stocked supermarket, two on-site restaurants and five more in the bay. And as if this wasn’t enough, two windsurfing centres. 


We’re bragging a bit, sure… but really, it’s true. And we’re not the only ones to think so. We’re the only five-star camping site in Varberg! In all of Halland, actually. One out of sixteen in Sweden. This doesn’t just mean that we meet all sorts of criteria concerning pools, activities, number of restrooms and all kinds of other things. Above all, it means that we are always doing our very best to make your camping holiday as amazing as possible. 



Distance to the sea: 50-250 m

Distance to central Varberg: 2 km

Restaurants: Yes, 2. (One of them open all year)

Pool: Yes, included

Cable TV: Yes

Wifi: Yes

Laundry room: Yes

Activities for kids: Yes, loads

Supermarket: Yes (open Apr-Sep)

Camping pitches: 500

Service centres: 3

Sauna: Yes, 2

Average pool temperature: 25°C (open May-Sep)

Apartments: 72 

Cottages: 10

Open: All year round!



We often find that different guests have different preferences; some want to stay close to the playground, while others want to keep as far away from it as possible. Some want to stay near the service centres, and some really like the evening sun. Some of our camping lots can be specifically selected, so you’ll know exactly where you will stay. Others are subject to “pool selection”, where you don’t know which lot number you will get until you check in – but we always try to accommodate your requests! 



Above all, we wish to make your stay a simple one. And simple, as we all know, is comfortable.

Our payment system provides you with a clever bracelet. Use it to open the road barrier and doors to the service centre, and to access the pool area. If you like, you can charge your bracelet with “cash” for use throughout the area.

Please book your bracelet in advance, to make check-in as smooth as possible

Seasonal guest


If you want to get the very most out of your stay, and if you just can’t seem to get enough of camping, of Varberg, of the sea and the pool, we offer seasonal pitches.

The number of pitches is limited, and they are always in great demand. Not entirely sure you will last through an entire summer? Try our 30-day season.

Read more about our different alternatives, our price range, and how to get on the waiting list.

Nisse's Bodega
Breakfast every morning

Why shoudln't you have the luxury of a proper breakfast? We see no reason at all and serve a large homemade one each day all year. Made with quite a bit of love.

Christmas at Solviken
Premiere this autumn

Try a traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord this autumn. Restaurang Solviken set the table for a real Christmas food experience 2020!

Service Centres


It’s not always the restrooms, showers, kitchens and dishwashing opportunities that are being put forward – not even in camping sites. But if anywhere, aren’t camping sites exactly where those facilities ought to be shown off?

There are three service centres in the area; Östra for east, Södra for south and Norra for  north. They all have toilets, showers, kitchens and dishwashers. Östra and Södra have family rooms. There is an accessible toilet in Östra. Norra and Södra houses have saunas, and Södra has a large picnic room for guests staying in tents, or for those who simply need a little more dining space.

In Södra is where you’ll find our laundry room.

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432 53  VARBERG

Reception: 0340-641300

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