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Life should be lived by the edge of a pool. Or possibly in it. Everything becomes a bit more rollicking that way. A bit more comfortable. A bit more delightful. The pool is what many long for all winter. Relaxation. Play. Laughter. For many, the very essence of a family's summer vacation. And how lucky we are to have one for all of that. Actually, two. For the little ones, there's a separate wading pool.

And if one wants to change things up a bit now. You don't have to, but if you still yearn for sand between your toes, saltwater, or water slides, there's plenty of other swimming options. Scroll down and discover some of our favorites from around.

  • When?
    There are two public Octoberfest's. Traditionally the two last saturdays of September. This year they will happen on the 21th and 28th of September. It all take off at 7pm and last until midnight. ps. As a company or group you may also have an exclusive Octoberfest if you manage to get together around 150-200 joyful friends
  • What's the price?
    An Octoberfest ticket includes entrance, bavarian buffet and a liter of beer. The price is SEK 695. Tickets are avaible in the Reception, here. Do consider our special deals with accomodation included - you'll find them here soon ... Only entrance are a subject to availability for SEK 120.
  • Bavarian Buffet - What on earth is that?
    In our way, it's a large grill buffet inspired by Bavaria - as it should. You can eat as much as you lika of yummish german sausages, of course, chicken fillet and mini schnitzels. Saurkraut unt pork loin. Gulasch, salad, sauces ... and then we jumble together an apfelstrudel or something else to the coffée.
  • Is it really more fun with a bavarian hat?
    You bet!
  • We'll come by car, where do we put it?
    Drive towards Solviken. We have staff on location showing where to park the car.
  • Who will play?
    The Tyrolean orchestra offers the most splendid Alpine music on both days. And to complement the sweet Bavarian sounds, we are also booking an additional band for each evening; we will get back to you with which ones as the event approaches.
  • Is there age restrictions?
    Yes there is. You must be 18 years old - but there is no upper limit.
Vitkalkade Wood



Right by the pool. Breakfast all year round. Occasional we've brunch and tastings during the winter months. Breakfast meetings if you like. But above all, wonderfully uncomplicated relaxation by the poolside. When you've tired of splashing around a bit before the kids. When all the swimming requires a recharge of energy or the entire delightful atmosphere needs to be complemented with a glass of rosé. Family quizzes in the afternoon and a stage for 'Småstjärnorna'.

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Vitkalkade Wood
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Not just swimming

The pool is not just for swimming. It's also intense exercise. Together with Actic, we have water aerobics several times a week throughout the summer.

Vitkalkade Wood



Other spots to dip your feets? - What a question, you don't come to Varberg for anything else. Varberg and beaches are practically synonymous. The entire coast is full of them. Just between Apelviken and the fortress, a stretch of about 3 km, there are twelve possible swimming spots, two bathhouses, three nude beaches, two pools... Getterön alone has five bathing coves, and of course, you can take a dip in the sea just about anywhere. Visit Varberg has an excellent guide - check it out. Here, we thought we'd share some personal favorites. Places where we ourselves like to take a plunge. The Fästningsbadet with its diving tower is a favorite for slightly older children, but a lovely spot for all swimmers nestled in the shadow of the fortress walls. The Kallbadhuset nearby is a classic and, objectively speaking, Varberg's most beautiful building

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The Penguin

Water slides, whirlpool, bubble pool, climbing nets. Three saunas, water play for the little ones, and a café. We don't need to say more. The Penguin is just great! All year round.

Kåsa and others

And Kåsa, or 'Lilla Apelviken' as it's real name, but no one says that. Just around the corner, 350 meters from the reception. 'Ankaret', of course. Or 'Djupa Dräkt' as it's actually named, but no one says that either. Mention 'Ankaret' to any Varberg resident, and watch how their eyes moisten. The Swimming Stadium is nothing less than a piece of historic sports heritage in the old quarry near the fortress. Four pools with tempered seawater from the Kattegatt, right outside.

A lake? - Yep, there is some. But we prefer to swim in saltwater.

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Cold baths


The pool may be closed then, but sub-zero temperatures and snowfall don't deter the brave. Bathing even takes place in the harsh winter months. In fact, they seem to get some sort of kick from cold baths. It must be something to do with endorphins. There are several bathing ladders available year-round. The nearest one is in Kåsa.

And as strange as it may sound, we have a bathing deal at the end of January. We call it Bada!

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