Well, every day by the sea is spectacular in its own way. A calm sunset over the Kattegat is one of the loveliest things you can experience. But sometimes, every now and then, or quite often, to be honest, we really make that extra effort. Put some more icing on the cake. Forget the ordinary days – these are days of entertainment, laughter and play. Days that you’d be wise to mark on your calendar well in advance!

19-21th JUNE 2020

Midsummer. Just taste that word... is there anything better? Midsummer. At Destination Apelviken, we host a proper Midsummer celebration. Classic Swedish Midsummer, with no shortcuts. All the traditional dances, and pickled herring as early as breakfast.

29th AUGUST 2020

In late summer, when the sun is still warmi and you want to keep the evening just a little longer. When it is a bit easier to breathe and a late summer tranquility has arrived, the bay get together for a real wine party.


19th & 26th SEPTEMBER 2020

The Solviken Oktoberfest has become a tradition in Varberg. Like a Bavarian enclave on the Halland coast, for two autumn weekends. This year marks the tenth anniversary. Unleash your inner Bavarian. Grease up your Lederhosen, cock that Tyrolean hat, iron your Dirndl dress and take part in a Tyrolean tradition in the middle of Varberg!

Your own event?

Would you like to host your very own event with us? A wedding, a conference or fair, an annual meeting with or without activities? A training camp, a recreational trip for your staff, or just a general party? Talk to Felix, and we’ll arrange it


Even more?


Cykelsmaker Varberg

30 maj 2020

Fem härliga smakupplevelser med cykel i södra Varberg.

Apple Bay Day
Apple Bay Day

6 juni 2020

En ny tradition i Apelviken. Varje år på självaste nationaldagen

Riktigt midsommar

19-21 juni 2020

Maten, glädjen, lekarna och midsommarnatten - den magiska!


29 augusti 2020

Sju krogar, sju länder och tjugoåtta olika vin. Det är vinfestival i Apelviken.

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