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Glada gäster som firar Nyår på Solviken
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Well, every day by the sea is spectacular in its own way. A calm sunset over the Kattegatt is one of the loveliest things you can experience. But sometimes, every now and then, or quite often, to be honest, we really make that extra effort. Put some more icing on the cake. Forget the ordinary days – these are days of entertainment, laughter and play. Days that you’d be wise to mark on your calendar well in advance!

16TH MARCH 2024, FROM 15

One might wonder why we've never paid attention to the Irish big day before. It's almost a bit embarrassing. But we're making up for it now. Big time! On the sixteenth of March, everything turns green. We start in the afternoon with a quiz; in the evening, Double Namers will play traditional Irish music, and we'll supplement the menu with some dishes to honor the Irish cuisine.

Come with a cheerful mood. Humming The Wild Rover and Dirty Old Town since the morning and dancing Ceili until the wee hours.


Easter in Apelviken


You know. Return of the sun. Wood anemones. Kids tingle. Food that somehow taste even better when you sit outside. Willow flute to be carbed, grill to be cleaned and stowed away tent poles to be found.

It's spring. It's Easter. Days to be in Apelviken.

The 80's party


On April 20th, we interpret the 80s. Dig out the curling iron, think pastels, Takano, Lustans Lakejer, and white tube socks in pumps. Sideburns with a delightful hockey haircut, loafers with tassels, and rolled-up blazer sleeves over a pink T-shirt. DJ Kendrim and a quiz.

In short, an evening when 'too much' is just right. A two-course meal in an eighties twist: prawn cocktail for starters followed by pork fillet black & white, 425 SEK. We reinvent some of the decade's most popular drinks and award prizes for the best 80s costume.


Your own event?

Would you like to host your very own event with us? A wedding, a conference or fair, an annual meeting with or without activities? A training camp, a recreational trip for your staff, or just a general party? Talk to Edvard, and we’ll arrange it.



18TH MAY 2024

It's the most delicious biketour in spring. Five stops to explore. Local, and not-always-easy-to-find treasures. Bring friends, mommy and others or meet them along the way. But it just 150 spots, early birds.

20-23 JUNE 2024

Midsummer. Just taste that word... is there anything better? Midsummer. At Destination Apelviken, we host a proper Midsummer celebration. Classic Swedish Midsummer, with no shortcuts. All the traditional dances, and pickled herring as early as breakfast.

Midsommarfirande i Apelviken
March 2nd
Rum by Per

New tasting with Per Ädel. The country's, in our opinion and many others, foremost rum connoisseur. First come, first served.

9th March

Spoil yourself with what probably is the best invention ever; breakfast and lunch in one. And give you time for a long morning walk along the sea before.

This Spring
Quiz at Solviken

Classic pub quiz. It's where we sort out who's who when it comes to know important and not so important trivia. (Only in Swedish)

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